Remember the good ol’ days of advertising when you could crack an off-colour joke or show a woman’s buttocks without fear of running foul of the Advertising Standards Bureau?

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Campaign Brief, 28 June 2015

Australia has scored one Silver Lion and a Bronze Lion in the Branded Content + Entertainment Lions presented tonight in Cannes.

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AdNews, May 29, 2015

A total of 10 lucky people are off to Cannes after taking out the top prize at the News Corp Young Lions competition. Including DDB Melbourne pair Chris Hanrahan and Jody Molloy

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Campaign Brief, May 18, 2015

Avoiding doing things we’re supposed to do is a legitimate skill – one many of us spend a lifetime perfecting. It’s this avoidance reflex that’s the focus of ahm’s new ‘tax time’ health insurance campaign, from DDB Melbourne.


Matt Oxley, Head of Technology, DDB Group Melbourne, AdNews, March 31

Grey Worldwide has been ‘famously effective since 1917′. Grey’s hottest new campaign is a ‘paint’ for Volvo.

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Darren Spiller, DDB Group Melbourne CCO, comments in AdNews, Creative Focus, June 2015

Not long ago agencies were becoming fractured, unbundled and decentralised. Forced into groups of purists.

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Chris Hanrahan and Jordy Molloy write exclusively for CB, June 25, 2015.

Well it’s now Day Trois of the Cannes Festival and the nauseating feeling left over from the reheated barramundi on Qantas Flight Q19 has now been replaced with the nauseating feeling of knowing we get our brief today. We have to concept, film and submit a 60sec commercial in 48 hours time.

Holy merde.

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Chris Hanrahan and Jordy Molloy write exclusively for CB, June 23, 2015.

Every night Jordy and I separate the two single beds in our hotel room until they’re an acceptable distance apart, and every day we come back to find that the maid has pushed them together again.


Dion Appel, DDB Managing Director, B&T, June 3 

They’re everywhere at the moment, and brands are falling head over heels to connect with them. And yet getting across the idea of millennials to board members who were potentially not in the age bracket was DDB Melbourne MD Dion Appel’s toughest sell.

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Dion Appel, mUmbrella, June 18

DDB Melbourne’s newly installed managing director Dion Appel is looking to shake things up and modernise the 66-year-old creative shop he took the reins of three months ago.

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